National Academic Games Advisory Board

Standing Members:

  • Layman E. Allen
  • Marlette Price
  • Buzz Allen
Below are Standing Board Members
Layman Allen & Marlette Price
Board member Layman AllenBoard member Marlette Price


  • Louisiana:
  • Michigan:
  • West Virginia:
Don Shanon
Pam Champagne
Linda McGuire
To the right is WV Board Member Linda McGuire.

Below are At Large Board Member Sallie Johnson and retired PA Board Member Michalene Lehman.

Board member Linda McGuire
Board member Sallie JohnsonBoard member Michalene Lehman
At Large:

  • Sallie Johnson
To the right is LA Board Member Don Shannon presenting the 2002 Ding-a-Ling Award to Standing Board Member Sallie Johnson.Board member Don Shannon


The National Academic Games Advisory Board provides overall direction for the Tournament itself, covering such matters as games to be played, schedule of the tournament, housing, playing sites, alternative locations, etc. The Board also provides direction for the overall development of the Academic Games program nationwide, such as publicity and recruitment of new Leagues.

National Rules Chairpersons

  • Language Arts:
  • Social Studies:
  • Mathematics & Logic:
Juanita Merritt
Betty Smith
Chris Holstein
Mathematics & Logic Chairperson Chris HolsteinLanguage Arts Chairperson Juanita MerrittRetired Social Studies Chairperson Cindy Campana
Mathematics & Logic Chairperson Chris Holstein
with students
Language Arts Chairperson Juanita MerrittSocial Studies Chairperson Cindy Campana
with Michalene Lehman
The chairperson of each committee is elected for a two-year term to chair the meetings, gather the votes on rules changes, and produce a camera-ready copy of the rules by August 1 for inclusion in the Official National Tournament Rules.

The purpose of each Rules Committee is to consider all motions for changes to the playing rules of the academic games under its jurisdiction, and to draft a formal copy of the motions for a vote. Official votes for each motion are cast by the official representatives of each area, whose names are listed on the first page of the Official National Tournament Rules booklet. The names and numbers of these official voters are changed periodically by the Board as the need arises.

Each Rules Committee meets at least once during the National Tournament. Any person at the Tournament may attend a Rules Committee meeting. In fact, it is important that at least one representative of each League attend each meeting.

For further information about National Academic Games, please contact: Marlette Price.

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