National Academic Games Founder: Robert W. Allen

Robert (Bob) W. Allen, founder of National Academic Games Tournament and creator of LinguiSHTIK®, PROPAGANDA®, A Man Called Mr. President, and AEC World Card, passed from this life on 8/27/2005, following a courageous battle against failing health over several years.

Bob Allen was Director of the N.A.G. Center, a classroom teacher, author, lecturer, and pilot. Bob was a frequent guest on television talk shows, including the "Tonight Show," where he was called the "Flying Educator." He authored over twenty academic games, and his articles appeared in several leading educational journals, including the respected Journal of Educational Research. His awards include "Teacher '64" (in logic) and "Teacher '65" (in mathematics)from the California Teachers Association.

Bob actively began to develop and implement Academic Games during the early 1960's when he taught junior high school mathematics using EQUATIONS. In 1965, Bob was named the first Academic Games coordinator in the country at the Nova Schools in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During that school year, he conceived of a national academic games tournament and invited schools across the country to participate. Thus, the National Academic Games Tournament was born in the spring of 1966.

In subsequent years, Bob initiated the first Academic Games League in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (1966-67); kicked off the New Orleans Academic Games League by conducting a Christmas tournament in 1966; directed the Autotelic Schools Project in Catano, Puerto Rico; conducted several hundred Academic Games workshops throughout the United States; and assisted the State of West Virginia in establishing Academic Games programs in many of its county school districts.

Each year until failing health made it impossible, Bob hosted the National Academic Games Tournament as Director. His presence is sorely missed, but we know his spirit will endure as long as the games are played.

Bob as guest on Tonight Show
Photograph © Robert W. Allen, used with permission

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