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Language Arts Games


This extremely flexible, open-ended series of language games for four to six players, involves many aspects of English - spelling, vocabulary, word functions, modern and traditional grammar, sentence patterns and sentence structures - in a way that makes language fun.


This game involves the techniques employed by professionals to mold public opinion. Through play of this game the participants learn to recognize "bandwagon" appeals, faulty analogy, rationalization, folksy appeals, and many more tools of PROPAGANDA®.
Math Games


This game of creative math provides players with practice in elementary arithmetic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation and radicals - in a variety of numeral bases - decimal, octal, binary. It assists in developing an understanding of number concepts, number systems, factors and primes, order of operations, simple algebraic equations, ratio and proportion of exponents and radicals.


This game teaches math in a fun-packed way. It will intrigue and instruct in such set theory ideas as union, intersection, complement, set-identity, set-inclusion, null and universal sets.
Social Studies Games


This game stimulates interesting insights into the personal lives, philosophies, personalities and idiosyncrasies of our presidents.

World Card

This five-game kit has beginning games which give players a mental picture of the relative size, shape and location of the world's nations and later games which help players to use reference materials (almanacs, textbooks, or an atlas) more effectively and help players to organize and summarize information clearly and succinctly. At the National Academic Games Tournament, two games are played: Current Events and Theme Topic.
Logic Game


This game teaches propositional logic and develops habits of careful reasoning. The beginning games, which can be played by six-year-olds, teach well-formed formulas, expressions that are in mathematical logic similar to what sentences are in English. The remaining games deal with rules of inference, logical proofs and the nature of formal systems. WFF 'N PROOF® provides entertainment and practice in abstract thinking.

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