National Academic Games Tournament Official Games: Presidents

The Game of Presidents

Presidents is a game in which students test their knowledge of presidential facts based on a limited number of clues. The only reference permitted to each player is the gazetteer chart from the game A Man Called Mr. President®. This chart lists each President's name, year and state of birth and death (if applicable), college, dates in office, and political party. Often one of the clues refers to this information, which gives players practice in drawing conclusions from printed data.

Like PROPAGANDA®® and World Card, Presidents is a "Reading Game." A central reader reads a series of three clues about one of the Presidents, pausing after each clue for no more than 30 seconds. Before reading a question, the reader will tell all players a range of eleven Presidents within which the correct answer will be found. Each clue is increasing revealing.

Each player may write down one and only one answer per question. The answer may be written after any one of the three clues. When a player answers determines how many points that player may receive for that question.

  • A player, who can identify the President after the first clue, is awarded 3 points.
  • A player, guessing the President after two clues, earns 2 points.
  • If three clues are needed to identify the President, the player receives 1 point.
  • A player, whose answer is incorrect, scores 0.
To answer, a player writes down the number of the President on one side of his/her answer sheet and either 3, 2, or 1 (depending on when the answer was written) on the other side. The answer sheet is then placed answer side down on the appropriate (3, 2, 1) space of a marked 3-2-1 Mat. Other players should confirm that a player's 3, 2, or 1 matches the location on the mat and the number for the statement read. Once a player places his answer sheet on the mat, that player may not touch it or write on it again during that question.

Thirty seconds after all three clues have been read, players reveal their answers, and the correct President's name is announced. After the reader announces the correct answer, answers are checked and scores recorded. A round consists of twelve questions, which are read twice. Questions are not asked of any President elected during the current school year. At the national tournament Rounds 1 and 2 cover the first half of the Presidents while Rounds 3 and 4 come from the second half of the Presidents.

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