Gold Thinker History of the
National Academic
Games Project
Founded in 1966
by Robert W. Allen
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The National Academic Games Tournament is a nationwide organization developing and producing revolutionary tools for the promotion of educational excellence. The National Academic Games Tournament features a wide variety of games in subject areas such as Language Arts, Logic, Mathematics, and Social Studies. Since the inception of the National Academic Games Project in 1966, Academic Games have been introduced in hundreds of schools across the nation: from Alaska to Puerto Rico, from Michigan to Louisiana. Numerous schools and school districts around the country have incorporated academic gaming into their regular curriculum. The National Academic Games Tournament is the culminating activity of state Academic Games contests and tournaments spread throughout the nation.

    Many studies exist demonstrating the effectiveness of Academic Games, from the Journal of Educational Research (1966) to the Center for Social Organization of Schools, Johns Hopkins University (1972). However, some of the most exciting and endearing tributes to the effectiveness and influence of Academic Games come from the testimonials of past participants, whose lives and academic careers have been enriched by their participation (e.g., Academic Games page, created by a 2001 graduating senior from WV. ).

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